Our Approach

Our signature approach involves engaging the system. We do this through holding regular meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences to discuss key policies that inform justice delivery in Scotland. We run regular open forums where invited speakers address topical issues affecting justice delivery to our communities. We jointly run focus surgeries with local elected leaders to address specific issues affecting our communities. We research on key issues such as representation in elected offices and make key recommendations to oversight bodies and political leaders. We explore the role of history plays in shaping modern-day inequality and highlight the historical links to inequality, racial injustice, and racial prejudice.


Our main approach involves engaging the key stakeholders in the Scottish justice system through regular meetings and conferences to discuss key the polices that inform justice delivery in Scotland. For the past 18 months the FJSS Group has been running a monthly open forum, the Justice Forum where invited speakers address topical issues affecting our communities such as community relations and racially motivated antisocial incidents. The issues discussed also look at historical links to inequality, the Scottish justice system, the law in Scotland and how it affects issues around opportunity, employment, immigration, settlement, social housing and the forum also gathers the views from the audiences.

Delivering Lasting Events

In June 2019 the FJSS Group hosted the first-ever grassroots-led Justice Conference in Scotland that brought together key stakeholders in the justice system. One of the major outcomes of the justice conference was the establishment of the Justice Sector Reforms Task Force chaired by Sir Geoff Palmer. In August 2019 the FJSS Group launched the first-ever Community Stakeholders Meeting jointly hosted with the Home Office and now takes place every three months.

On 27th February 2020, the FJSS Group launched the Heritage Lecture Series with Sir Geoff Palmer as the keynote speaker at the well-attended inaugural lecture. The lecture series is a high-level platform to engage great minds such as historians, academics, politicians, policymakers and public individuals with an interest in the history of injustice and inequality and how best to address it and create a better, prosperous society.