West Lothian History Project

The FJSS Group is working on the above project to produce an information booklet.

Global Refugee Forum

THE FJSS Group has undertaken to initiate and articulate the GRF approved initiative to mobilise legal support for refugees worldwide. Our organisation is bringing the GRF process to our local and national audience including law firms, law societies, university law schools, like minded NGOs and civil society organisations.

Task Force for Justice Sector Reforms

The Task Force has now produced a Framework for Justice Sector Reforms in Scotland. The framework document has been submitted to the Scottish Government and other key justice sector organisations. The FJSS Group will await official responses.

FJSS Group Working With Scottish Government

With effect from 1st August 2020 the FJSS Group is working with the Scottish Government Justice Department. This will involve the FJSS Group carrying out some work with the Civil Law and Legal System directorate in providing specialist BME guidance and advice to teams developing policy proposals within the Scottish Government as part of a trial project to run from August 2020 to July 2021.


Refugee Settlement Support

Mores details to follow on this project.