About Us

The Fair Justice System for Scotland Group (FJSS Group) is a grassroots-led legal charity based in West Calder, West Lothian. The organisation has established itself as one of the leading voices for justice sector reforms necessary to create greater equality, diversity and representative employment and appointments in the Scottish justice system. The FJSS Group advocates for a justice system reflective of the diversity of modern-day Scottish society and our work is geared to influence justice delivery policy in Scotland through informing the processes of policy formulation and development by engaging with the key policy and decision-makers in the Scottish Government and key agencies.

Currently the FJSS Group works closely with the key stakeholders in the justice system including the Scottish Government, the Judicial Institute for Scotland, the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service, Police Scotland, the Scottish Parliament, the Law Society of Scotland, HM Inspectorates across all the disciplines (Prison Service Scotland, Constabulary and Crown Prosecution), Scottish Police Authority and Public Appointments. This connects our work with the key policies and process that shape the Scottish justice system and the Scottish Government’s wider community and social justice outcomes.


Our Mission

For a fair, just, tolerant and inclusive Scotland where opportunities are defined by need and the diversity of talent.

Our Vision

To be a leading voice for a national program of justice sector reforms that will bring the necessary changes to allow the development of a people focused community and social justice agenda in Scotland.

Our Values

Our values are underpinned by our four C’s; Commitment to our cause, Competency in the field of our work, Consistency in our delivery of service and Continuity in terms of how  we sustain our work and maintain our level of service.

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